2020-09-12 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://git.lemmasoftware... master
2020-09-12 Trevor IronsVTK 9 support
2019-12-05 Trevor IronsRemoval of Boost progress bar
2019-10-22 Trevor IronsCXX 14 standard forced
2019-10-11 Trevor IronsPython binder fix for reading in files
2019-09-11 Trevor Ironsupdate of progress bar for kernel
2019-09-05 Trevor Ironsversion bump
2019-08-29 Trevor IronsWorking wrapper for kernel class in python
2019-08-28 Trevor IronsBeginning of python wrapper for Merlin
2019-02-27 Trevor IronsVTK support readded for kernel calculation
2019-02-27 Trevor IronsProgress towards vtkHyperTreeGrid support
2018-11-27 Trevor IronsUpdates for better integration with Akvo
2018-01-10 T-boneMerge branch 'master' of https://git.lemmasoftware...
2018-01-10 T-boneupdated for Lemma 0.2.0
2018-01-09 Trevor Ironsreworking Lemma connections
2018-01-04 Trevor Ironsconfig fix
2018-01-02 Trevor IronsUpdate
2017-12-30 T-boneAdded and test mirror push to GitHub.
2017-12-30 T-boneAdded license file and test mirror push to GitHub.
2017-12-14 Trevor Ironskernel calc tweaks
2017-12-04 T-boneModifications for inversion
2017-08-30 T-boneForward modelling of FID data is possible, but final...
2017-08-30 T-boneLayeredEarthEM mocked up and looking good.
2017-08-29 Trevor IronsBetter parsing of MatrixXR
2017-08-29 T-boneWork towards full forward modelling support
2017-08-28 Trevor IronsModel class added for forward modelling as well.
2017-08-28 Trevor IronsAddition of base class for Merlin, for keeping track...
2017-08-28 Trevor IronsAddition of data and forward modeling classes, not...
2017-08-24 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://git.lemmasoftware...
2017-08-24 Trevor IronsFix example kernel calculation application for better...
2017-05-30 Trevor IronsKernel calculation can now align with Akvo data from...
2017-04-25 Trevor IronsVTK output in kernel calulation as an option
2017-04-09 T-boneFile name fix in example prog.
2017-04-09 T-boneClean up of IO and cout
2017-04-09 T-boneAdded serialization of KernelV0 encompasing all input...
2017-04-08 T-boneUnderflow in beta calculation of elliptic field. Only...
2017-04-06 Trevor IronsCleaning up kernel file
2017-04-04 Trevor IronsMore work on kernel calculation checking. Improved...
2017-04-04 T-boneAdding more info into VTK files in kernel calculation.
2017-04-02 T-boneFixes elliptic field calculation bug
2017-03-31 T-boneBetter file naming
2017-03-30 T-bonemerge
2017-03-30 T-boneTernary array modifications
2017-03-29 Trevor IronsAdded second Kernel generating example program taking...
2017-01-31 Trevor IronsAdded mechanism to align kernels with akvo data
2016-12-08 T-boneFix in phase term of coils!
2016-12-06 Trevor Ironsadded specialized 3 loop kernel calculator
2016-12-03 Trevor IronsAdded a templated class for coil interferences
2016-12-02 Trevor Ironsparams fixed for mkass
2016-12-01 Trevor IronsFixed coupling back to coupling rather than phase angle
2016-12-01 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://git.lemmasoftware...
2016-12-01 Trevor IronsCoupling and image generation plots
2016-12-01 tironsFixes in logic for splitting at min and max level for...
2016-11-29 T-bonecoupling fixes
2016-11-28 Trevor IronsFew changes to coupling code
2016-11-28 T-boneAdded coupling routine
2016-11-23 T-boneworking on file output a bit
2016-11-22 Trevor Ironskernel plotting and working on spacing bug, may have...
2016-11-22 T-boneAdded plotting utilities for viewing kernels
2016-11-22 T-bonelooking at weird bug in log spaced depth and kernel...
2016-11-22 T-bonelog spacing, but seems to reverse kernel in plots?...
2016-11-22 T-boneWorking with all at once kernel calculation. Much faster.
2016-11-22 Trevor IronsAll q at once kernel evaluation for speedup, don't...
2016-11-21 Trevor IronsCleaning up kernel calculatio
2016-11-21 Trevor IronsTweaks to integration routine, simplier now
2016-11-17 Trevor Ironsformat change with kernel pring
2016-11-16 Trevor IronsKernel calculation seems to be working.
2016-11-16 Trevor IronsWorking on kernel matrix calculation
2016-11-15 T-boneMultiple coils are supported, preliminary nmr modeling...
2016-11-15 Trevor IronsImporovements still coming to kernel calculation
2016-11-14 Trevor IronsFixed positioning bug in octree. Looks good now.
2016-11-14 T-boneMore progress, octree grids are working, as are EM...
2016-11-14 T-boneAdded integration on octree grid, independent of VTK...
2016-11-12 T-boneWork towards new Merlin
2016-11-11 Trevor IronsMerlin 2.0 has been started conforming with changes...