2020-01-22 Trevor IronsWindows 10 fixes for OpenMP master
2020-01-11 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2020-01-11 Trevor Ironstesting of IRONS filter coeffs
2019-12-08 Trevor IronsBump for pyLemma
2019-12-06 Trevor Ironsnon-closed loops are now grounded
2019-11-21 Trevor IronsCleanup of new progressbar
2019-11-21 Trevor IronsRemoval of boost progress bar, replaced with simple...
2019-11-20 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2019-11-20 Trevor IronsRevert of yaml-cpp to 0.6.2 due to YAML_LIBRARIES not...
2019-11-02 Trevor IronsLink with iomp5 on Apple instead of libomp for better...
2019-10-11 Trevor IronsPython binder fix for reading in files
2019-09-30 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2019-09-30 Trevor IronsCMake tweak for old boost
2019-09-29 Trevor Ironspython bump
2019-09-11 Trevor Ironsbump of pyLemma
2019-09-05 Trevor IronsImproved speed for horizontal loops, reduced initializa...
2019-09-05 Trevor IronsPolygonal wire antenna now uses std::move realizing...
2019-09-04 Trevor IronsIncrimental performance checks
2019-08-29 Trevor IronsFixes for python wrapper with ABC inheritence. Also...
2019-08-23 Trevor IronsVersion bump
2019-08-23 Trevor IronsAddition of missing wrapper functions in PolygonalWireA...
2019-08-23 Trevor IronsEMEarth1D functional in pyLemma
2019-08-23 Trevor IronsMore wrapper work
2019-08-22 John DailyWindows tweaks to setup.py for .pyd files
2019-08-21 Trevor Ironspython wrapper progress
2019-08-20 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2019-08-20 Trevor IronsPython wrapper for DipoleSource added
2019-08-20 Trevor IronsMerge pull request #1 from LemmaSoftware/add-code-of...
2019-08-20 Trevor IronsRemoved calls to shared_from_this from DipoleSource... iss7
2019-08-20 Trevor IronsInitial Travis script for building wheels
2019-08-18 Trevor IronsMore work on Python wrapper
2019-08-16 Trevor IronsUpdates for python wrapping of LemmaCore
2019-08-15 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2019-08-15 Trevor IronsRemoved prefix from modules in
2019-08-15 Trevor IronsMany linux changes for python wrapper
2019-08-15 Trevor IronsFix for python license
2019-08-14 Trevor IronsImproved python import heirarchy (sp?). Now you can...
2019-08-13 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2019-08-13 Trevor IronsAdded to wrapper for WireAntenna including serialize
2019-04-24 John DailyWindows tweaks
2019-04-23 Trevor Ironspybind11 working for RectilinearGrid
2019-04-23 Trevor IronsPython wrapper additions
2019-04-22 Trevor IronsTowards a new Python wrapper
2019-04-08 Trevor IronsFix for CTest in versions 3.14 and greater
2019-04-05 Trevor IronsFix VTK library types
2019-04-03 Trevor IronsFurther discouragement of in-source builds
2019-04-03 Trevor Ironsstill cleaning up superbuild
2019-04-02 Trevor Ironstest on Kingspeak
2019-04-02 Trevor IronsBetter warnings about 8.90
2019-04-02 Trevor Ironsvtk on mac work
2019-04-02 Trevor Ironscleaning up VTK support in CMAKE files
2019-04-02 Trevor IronsTweaking VTK find_package
2019-04-01 Trevor IronsMinor tweaks including VTK version bump
2019-02-28 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2019-02-28 Trevor IronsRemove VTK 6 & 7 support. This was driven by VTK 8...
2019-02-14 Trevor IronsMerge pull request #2 from AndyMcAliley/cmake
2019-02-14 Andy McAlileySet OpenMP flags for mac
2019-01-27 Trevor IronsEantenna.
2019-01-27 Trevor IronsTiming and comparison work.
2019-01-03 Trevor IronsKiHa unit test expanded
2019-01-03 Trevor IronsKiHa testing tweaks
2018-12-31 Trevor IronsCreate CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md add-code-of-conduct-1
2018-12-31 Trevor IronsUpdate to Eigen 3.3.7
2018-12-29 Trevor IronsEdits to fix Chave when using GCC 8.
2018-12-17 Trevor IronsYaml-cpp version bump
2018-12-17 tironsmacOS tweaks for OpenMP
2018-12-16 Trevor IronsMerge branch 'master' of https://lemma.codes/Lemma
2018-12-16 Trevor IronsTest fix of CMake for MacOS
2018-12-16 tironsFix on MacOS which does not default to CXX-11
2018-12-16 Trevor IronsUse Yaml-0.6.2 instead of master
2018-12-16 Trevor Ironsadded missing files for FCT
2018-12-16 Trevor IronsAdded missing files
2018-12-16 Trevor IronsAdditions to bring in cos and sin transform, as well...
2018-11-02 Trevor IronsEigen 3.3.5
2018-10-29 Trevor IronsAnaconda Environment
2018-10-25 Trevor IronsFix MSVC warnings regarding unsigned integer comparison...
2018-10-25 Trevor Ironsremove yaml --- end of doc
2018-10-23 Trevor IronsCleaning up Doxygen warnings, and added DCIP Module
2018-10-23 Trevor IronsRemoved Matplot_vtk
2018-10-23 Trevor IronsMSVC flag for extended alignment added as option
2018-10-23 Trevor IronsMS compiler error on GQGauss
2018-10-23 Trevor Ironsexplicit
2018-10-22 Trevor Ironsmaster yaml-cpp
2018-10-16 Trevor IronsMore TEM 1D progress
2018-10-16 Trevor IronsUpdated for TEM1D, including skeleton testing framework.
2018-10-16 Trevor IronsDoxygen update
2018-10-15 Trevor IronsWork on TEM module
2018-08-03 Trevor Ironsscotch add
2018-08-03 Trevor Ironsfind hwloc for Pastix
2018-08-03 Trevor Ironsupdated findPastix
2018-08-03 Trevor Ironsfind Umfpack
2018-08-03 Trevor IronsClean up CMake for default compilers
2018-08-02 Trevor IronsPaStiX support added, but currently not working...
2018-08-02 Trevor IronsSuperLU find
2018-07-30 Trevor Ironsinclude guards for vtk
2018-07-30 Trevor IronsTweaks for VTK RectilinearGrid import
2018-07-29 Trevor IronsAddition of VTK import class
2018-07-25 John DailyCleaning up MSVC compiler warnings
2018-07-24 John DailyCleaning up MSVC warnings
2018-07-23 Trevor IronsTweaks for non-default compiler