Lemma is an Electromagnetics API
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Lemma is an ElectroMagnetics Modelling API. Lemma is developed in the hopes that it will be helpful for academics, industry, and anyone else interested in geophysical modelling.

  • Written in C++
  • Test driven
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Object oriented
  • Python bindings
  • VTK integration


Lemma is hosted on several Git instances. Our main instance runs on Gitea and is at https://lemmasoftware.org. The project is also mirrored on GitHub.


Lemma is and has been developed by several organisations and people, including: University of Utah, Colorado School of Mines, US Geological Survey.


Lemma is tested on Linux (Ubuntu & Arch), Mac OSX and Windows (7&10) platforms. If you have used Lemma on something else, please let us know.

Getting involved

  • Testing code
  • Improving documentation